SSIA’s Membership Details

The SSIA is more than just your typical trade association, it is an inclusive community of business owners, operators and marketers that want to work together to help the Social Sports Industry grow along with their individual company. Joining the SSIA will connect you to our community through our members-only Facebook and Slack forums, involvement in sub-committee meetings, knowledge share opportunities, cost-savings programs and the annual conference.

In order for an organization to become a member of the SSIA, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Must host and operate sports leagues of some kind.  The SSIA defines sports leagues as an athletic activity that is held on multiple days and includes registration fees, teams, consistent dates of play, ongoing schedule, standings and a finale (playoffs, championships, awards, etc.)
  2. Must have a prominent social focus within its activity base for its customers, including but not limited to, the following: hosting post league happy hours at sponsor bars and / or operating and hosting social events, outings, parties, etc.
  3. Must serve adults (21+) as the primary customer
  4. Must provide proof of general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 / $2,000,000, which includes coverage for participants
  5. Must be a private, non-municipal, entity
  6. Must agree to membership agreement and review membership bylaws

Knowledge Share

– Industry Conference (1st attendee free)
– Private SSIA Communication Forums in Facebook and Slack
– Members-Only Website “Locker Room”
– Sponsorship Analysis w/ Local Metrics
– Sub-Committee Participation

Partner Programs

– Discount Equipment Buying Portal
– Discount T-shirt Partner Program
– Best in Class Insurance Program
– SSIA Merchant Services Program
– National Sponsorship Pitch inclusion

Other Base Benefits

– SSIA & Social Sports Network website listings
– Member page on
– Eligible for Social Star Awards
– Association voting rights (1 Vote/Organization)
– Network With SSIA Members/Partners/Sponsors

Optional Additional Benefits (Additional Cost):

  • Gear Program fee (~6% gathered from the vendor based on sales – no additional member payment)
  • T-Shirt Program fee ($.07 – $.10 per t-shirt gathered from the vendor – no additional member payment)
  • Sponsorship Program Fee (5% gathered from the sponsor based on the funds that members receive)
  1. Complete a membership application here.
  2. Provide 1 trade reference (facilities or supplies) and 1 professional reference (attorney or accountant) to Krissy Greenleaf at
  3. A member of the SSIA Staff will review your membership application and schedule a phone interview with you.
  4. If you meet our qualifications, your membership application will be shared with the Membership Committee for review.
  5. The Membership Committee will make an announcement to current SSIA members asking for comments, concerns or legitimate objections due to documented or provable ethics violations (see Code of Ethics in Section 3.3 of SSIA Bylaws) within 48 business hours.  If there are no objections, you will be welcomed as a member of the SSIA.  If there are objections, the Membership Committee and Grievance Committees will follow-up with the current and potential members to discuss the issue within 2-3 business days.  Membership eligibility will be determined once this is complete.
  6. Once approved, you will be eligible to enjoy benefits immediately.