The SSIA has launched a fundraising campaign on behalf of our members to SAVE SOCIAL SPORTS. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our 57 member clubs spanning more than 120 markets across the US and Canada were shuttered overnight; and hundreds of thousands of their 2 million+ annual participants saw their leagues, tournaments, social events, fun runs, festivals and pub crawls shut down.

Social distancing is the opposite of social sports, so the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly and devastatingly affected every member of our organization, all of which are small businesses. Over the past month, many of our members have had to lay off or furlough long-time, dedicated and beloved employees; apply for lines of credit and loans that may or may not be forgiven, and are taking way too long to arrive; and face the harsh reality that some of their businesses may not survive if they do not receive relief ASAP.

100% of the donations from this campaign will go towards helping the SSIA members weather this storm, and in turn, help them support their communities. For every dollar raised by 11:59pm EST on May 31st, another dollar will be matched (up to $10,000).

If you are unable to contribute financially, but still want to support the Sport & Social Club Industry, please share our campaign with your friends.

To learn how the social sports industry is helping everyone stay social online while socially distancing in-person, follow our efforts on Facebook or Instagram.